Surveillance 7

Surveillance 7
International Conference - October 29-30, 2013
Institute of Technology of Chartres, France

SFM - PRISME - IUT of Chartres - University of Orleans


Guided Visit on Board of the Little Touristic Train!

    Tuesday, October 29th from 18:30

At the end of the Surveillance 7’s first day technical program, the organizers reserved for you a relaxed visit of the most picturesque spots and architectural jewels of the historical city of Chartres!

This visit is included in the registration fee and is open to all conference participants and accompanying persons.

The little touristic train of Chartres will take you for a tour right from the conference’s venue (i.e. the Institute of Technology of Chartres) right after the end of the first day. And, at the end of the tour, you will get off to the place where the Gala Dinner will be held, all rested and amazed by the beauty of the city of Chartres!

Departure has been scheduled at 18:30 from the conference venue. So, please, do not forget to register for the tour at the reception desk when you first arrive at the conference.

More information in English about the little touristic train of Chartres can be found by visiting this link.

Little Train 


Gala Dinner

    Tuesday, October 29th at 19:00

Salon Marceau at the Town Hall building

Address: Place des Halles, 28000 Chartres


The little touristic train will take directly to the Town Hall (Hôtel de ville) where the conference’s Gala Dinner will take place. Departure at 18:30.

The "Hôtel de ville" building lies on the Place des Halles, at the heart of the city center of Chartres, a few minutes walk from the Cathedral Notre-Dame of Chartres.

For those who prefer to walk from the conference venue to the Gala Dinner place, the map below shows the shortest path.

Cars can be left on the conference venue car park. The gate will be closed but not locked, so that participants can fetch their vehicles. The conference venue is less than 10 minutes walk far from the gala dinner venue.


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