Surveillance 7

Surveillance 7
International Conference - October 29-30, 2013
Institute of Technology of Chartres, France

SFM - PRISME - IUT of Chartres - University of Orleans

Scientific Program


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Tuesday 29th


Registration + Coffee  (Hall)


Welcome Plenary Session (Plenary Room)


Keynote Plenary Session (Plenary Room)
Chairman: Giorgio Dalpiaz


Intelligent Vibration Signal Processing for Condition Monitoring
Keynote lecture by Pr Asoke K. NANDI, Brunel University, London, UK


Time Domain Cyclostationarity Signal Processing Tools
Keynote lecture by François LEONARD, Hydro-Quebec, Canada


Coffee Break (Hall)


PLEN. ROOM                                        ORAL SESSIONS                                             ROOM    ONE


Signal Processing (Cyclostationarity)
Chairmen: Mohamed El Badaoui and Didier Remond

Case Studies
Chairman: Bob Randall


Comparison of Methods for Separating Excitation Sources in Rotating Machinery
Renata Klein

Development of a Monitoring System for Air Bubbles Detection in an Internal Gears Pump
Michele Cotogno, Marco Cocconcelli, Riccardo Rubini


Coupling Cyclostationarity and Near-field Acoustic Holography for Bearing Fault Recognition
Corentin Chesnais, Jean-Hugh Thomas, Jean-Claude Pascal

Impeller Fault Detection for a Centrifugal Pump using Principal Component Analysis of Time Domain Vibration Features
Berli Kamiel, Gareth Forbes, Rodney Entwistle, Ilyas Mazhar, Ian Howard


Diagnosis of Belt Drives Based on Cyclostationary Approach
Donald Rotimbo, Francois Guillet, Marius Béka, Mohamed El Badaoui

Gear Fault Diagnosis by Motor Current Analysis – Application to Industrial Cases
Francois Combet


Analysis of Vibration Signals using Cyclostationary Indicators
Georges Ishak, Amani Raad, Jérôme Antoni

Practical Methodologies for On-site Measurements of Torsional Natural Frequencies – Application to Industrial Cases
Jean-Luc Vasselin


Diagnosis of Gear Faults by Cyclostationarity
Thameur Kidar, Marc Thomas, Mohamed El-Badaoui, Raynald Guilbault

Vibration Monitoring as a Tool for Leak Detection in Water Distribution Networks
Alberto Martini, Marco Troncossi, Alessandro Rivola


Vibroacoustic Source Separation using an Improved Cyclic Wiener Filter
Konstantinos C. Gryllias, Jérôme Antoni, Mario El-Tabach

Balancing with the Presence of a Rub
Nicolas Péton




PLEN. ROOM                                          ORAL SESSIONS                                           ROOM    ONE


Instantaneous Angular Speed & Non Stationary Operating Conditions
Chairman: Radoslaw Zimroz

Structural Health Monitoring
Chairman: Roger Serra


IFESIS: Instantaneous Frequencies Estimation Via Subspace Invariance Properties of Wavelet Structures
Ioannis A. Antoniadis, Christos T. Yiakopoulos, Konstantinos C. Gryllias, Konstantinos I. Rodopoulos

Wavelet Based Recursive Identification of Modal Parameters
Andrzej Klepka, Tadeusz Uhl


An Analysis of Instantaneous Angular Speed Measurement Errors
Quentin Leclere, François Girardin, Didier Rémond

Vibration–based Statistical Damage Detection for Scale Wind Turbine Blades Under Varying Environmental Conditions
Ana Gómez González, Spilios D. Fassois


On the Time Synchronous Average in Planetary Gearboxes
Gianluca D'Elia, Emiliano Mucchi, Giorgio Dalpiaz

Structural Changes Detection with Use of Operational Spatial Filter
Jeremi Wójcicki, Krzysztof Mendrok


Fault Detection in Induction Machine by Application of Hilbert Transform to Neutral Voltage
Khalid Dahi, Soumia Elhani, Said Guedira

Tracking and Removing Modulated Harmonic Components with Spectral Kurtosis and Kalman Filters
Jean-Luc Dion, Cyrille Stephan, Gaël Chevallier, Hugo Festjens


Coffee Break (Hall)


Chairman: Alessandro Rivola

Acoustics and Acoustic Emission
Chairman: Renata Klein


Dynamic Behaviour of Two Stages Planetary Gearbox in Nonstationary Operations
Ahmed Hammami, Alfonso Fernandez Del Rincon, Fernando Viadero Rueda, Fakher Chaari, Mohamed Haddar

Combining EMD and Lempel-ziv Complexity for Early Detection of Gear Cracks
Mourad Kedadouche, Thameur Kidar, Marc Thomas, Souheil-Antoine Tahan, Mohamed El-Badaoui, Raynald Guilbault


Identification of a Shaft Thermal Bow by Means of Model-based Diagnostic Techniques
Andrea Vania, Paolo Pennacchi, Steven Chatterton

A Method for Extreme Data Reduction of Acoustic Emission (AE) Data with Application in Machine Failure Diagnosis
Cristián Molina Vicuña, Christoph Höweler


Modeling of Tangential Vibrations in Cylindrical Grinding Contact with Regenerative Chatter
Veli-Matti Järvenpää, Lihong Yuan, Hessam Kalbasi Shiravani, Faisal Mehmood

New Aspects Concerning the Generation of Acoustic Emissions (AE) in Spur Gears and the Influence of Operating Conditions
Alvaro Barrueto, Cristián Molina Vicuña


Scientific Committee Meeting


Touristic Train Departure





Wednesday 30th


Keynote Plenary Session (Plenary Room)
Chairman: Paolo Pennacchi


Contribution of New technologies for the Monitoring of Hydraulic Plants: the EDF Experience
Keynote lecture by Alexandre GIRARD, EDF, France


New Monitoring Technologies in Mechanical Systems
Keynote lecture by Pr Aldo SESTIERI, University of Roma, Italy


Spot-Light Exhibitor Presentations  (Plenary Room)


Coffee Break (Hall)


PLEN. ROOM                                          ORAL SESSIONS                                          ROOM    ONE


Data Mining
Chairman: Asoke K. Nandi

Signal Processing
Chairman: Amani Raad


Trending and Pattern Recognition using the Sphere-hardening Phenomenon of Signal Multidimensional Projection
François Léonard, Michel Gauvin

A History of Cepstrum Analysis and Its Application to Mechanical Problems
Robert B. Randall


A Novel Approach to Teaching Diagnostics: an Interactive 3D System Interedu
Wojciech Moczulski, Adam Cholewa, Marcin Januszka, Krzysztof Psiuk, Marek Wyleżoł

Novel Enhancement Techniques for Noisy Vibration Signals Applied to Local Damage Detection in Rotating Machines
Jakub Obuchowski, Agnieszka Wylomanska, Radoslaw Zimroz


Classification of Ball Bearing Faults using Entropic Measures
M. L. Dennis Wong, Chao Liu, Asoke Nandi K.

A New Windowing Method for the Parameter Estimation of Damped Sinusoids
Karim Abed-Meraim, Muhammad Ali Al-Radhawi, Philippe Ravier


Fault Detection in Induction Motors Based on Artificial Intelligence
Vinicius Augusto Diniz Silva, Robson Pederiva

Estimation of Geometric Properties of Three-component Sinusoidal Signals for System Monitoring
Gailene Phua, Pierre Granjon


Context Based Diagnostics of Rotating Machinery
Anna Timofiejczuk

Automated Diagnostics of Internal Combustion Engines using Vibration Simulation
Jian Chen, Robert B. Randall, Ningshen Feng, Bart Peeters, Herman Van der Auweraer




PLEN. ROOM                                          ORAL SESSIONS                                            ROOM    ONE


Case Studies
Chairman: Riccardo Rubini

Structural Dynamics
Chairman: Marc Thomas


Decrease Axial Vibration Generator with Balancing
Guillaume Christin, Nicolas Péton

Shear Stiffness Measurement Against Frequency of Viscoelastic Materials
Franck Renaud, Jean-Luc Dion, Gaël Chevallier, Jean-Yves Choley


New Condition Monitoring Procedure for Lifting Cranes using Motor Current Signal Analysis
Marcello Lopes Moreira, Bassel Assaad, Mario El-Tabach

Numerical Analysis of Transient Responses for Elastic Structures Connected to a Viscoelastic Shock Absorber using FEM with a Nonlinear Complex Spring
Takao Yamaguchi, Yusaku Fujii, Toru Fukushima, Akihiro Takita, Suguru Ota, Norihisa Tomita, Tatsuya Noto


Steam Turbine Rotor Crack
Peter Popaleny, Nicolas Péton

A Design Strategy for Maximization of Damping in Assembled Structures
Nicolas Peyret, Jean-Luc Dion, Gaël Chevallier


The 30 Years Saga of Trying to Make a ISO Standard on Rolling-bearing Vibration Data
René Archambault

Consideration of Plasticity in the Study of Fatigue Damage Under Vibration Environment Application to a Model with 1 DOF Dahl
Hervé Rognon, Gaël Chevallier, Tony Da Silva Botelho, Imad Tawfiq


Coffee Break (Hall)


Chairman: Fakher Chaari

Structural Health Monitoring
Chairman: Jean-Luc Dion


User Interface of Diagnostic Systems
Wojciech Cholewa, Krzysztof Psiuk

Integrated System for SHM and Wear Estimation of Railway Infrastructures
Nicola Roveri, Antonio Carcaterra, Aldo Sestieri


Detection of Bearing Faults Based on Inverse Gaussian Mixtures Model
Pavle Boskoski, Dani Juricic

Automatic Parameter Setting of Random Decrement Technique for the Estimation of Building Modal Parameters
Fatima Nasser, Zhongyang Li, Nadine Martin, Philippe Gueguen









Background Subtraction Techniques in Video Sequences
Moustafa Seifeddine, Thierry Soriano, Bernard Roux, Jean-Luc Dion


Balancing of Aeroderivative Turbine
Guillaume Christin, Nicolas Péton


Bearing and Gear Fault Detection using Artificial Neural Networks
Mayssa Hajar, Amani Raad, Mohamed Khalil


Coupling Mechanical Systems and Fluid Transmission Lines with Bi-dimensional Flow and Non Conventional Constitutive Models
Giuseppe Catania, Silvio Sorrentino


Excitation/transfer Separation in Non-stationary Conditions
Sophie Baudin, Jérôme Antoni, Didier Rémond, Olivier Sauvage


Gearbox Fault Detection using a New Denoising Method Based on Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition and FFT
Hafida Mahgoun, Rais Elhadi Bekka, Ahmed Felkaoui


Implementation of Diagnostics, Prognostics and E-maintenance Support Under Variable Operating Conditions
Dani Juricic, Pavle Boskoski, Janko Petrovcic, Bojan Musizza


MCSA and SVM for Gear Wear Monitoring in Lifting Cranes
Raymond Ghandour, Fahed Abdallah, Mario El-Tabach


Numerical and Experimental Approach for Roll Grinding Process
Lihong Yuan, Veli-Matti Järvenpää, Seppo Virtanen, Hessam Kalbasi Shiravani







A New Neuro-fuzzy Computing Technique for the Prediction of the Group and Phase Velocities of Acoustic Signals
Youssef Nahraoui, El-Houcein Aassif, Mostafa Laaboubi, Gerard Maze


A New Structural Damage Detection Method by using Dynamic Properties of System and Gravitional Search Algorithm
Fahime Sokhangou, Maryam Daei, Mehrdad Hejazi


Application of Speed Transform to the Diagnosis of a Roller Bearing in Variable Speed
Julien Roussel, Michel Haritopoulos, Edgard Sekko, Cécile Capdessus, Jérôme Antoni


Combined Regularization Optimization for Separating Transient Signals From Strong Noise in Rolling Element Bearing Diagnosis
Liang Yu, Jérôme Antoni, Quentin Leclere


Compressor Rub Verified by Rotating Phase Symptoms
Nicolas Péton, Charles Grislin, Guillaume Christin


Contribution of Angular Measurements in the Diagnosis of Gear Faults by Artificial Neural Networks
Semchedine Fedala, Didier Rémond, Rabah Zegadi, Ahmed Felkaoui


PRSA Method for Transient Detection Applied to Drinking Water Production Surveillance
Philippe Ravier, Meryem Jabloun, Julien Roussel, Cécile Capdessus


Transient Response and Life Assessment: Case Studies on the Load Rejection of Two Hydroelectric Turbines
Martin Gagnon, François Léonard


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